Video Production

--Frames are made of galvanized steel to hold up in strong winds.

--Torii sillouette is made of a light-weight plastic/aluminum material that can be easily bent back into shape or replaced if damaged.

--Feet height is adjustable so sign can sit on sloped ground.

--Can be held down with sand bags or tent spikes. Optional spike puller is available.

--Two plexiglass windows allow viewing from both sides.

--Easy opening for simple poster replacement.

--Sealed to keep posters dry in wet weather.

--Can be painted any color.


Shown in open position

Torii Sign1

Sturdy steel construction


--Completely customizable!

--Can be made to easily fold or dissasemble for tight storage or portability.

--Made from old AFN satellite dishes

--Frames are made of galvanized steel to last.

--Adjustable flame.

--Gas regulator connects to any standard BBQ propane tank.

--Can be painted any color.


Fire pit

Shown with adjustable pot hanger
and crushed glass bed
Fire Pits start at $250

--Adjustable height, swiveling grill--$40
--Skewer holders---$20
--Removable Tables--$50
--Adjustable dish height--$10


Shown with all options & lava rock bed


Sturdy steel construction


Many Options Available


Adjustable height

--Custom made Jibs

--Lightweight or heavy duty dolly systems


--Balanced SteadyCam

--Light & Monitoring mounts

--Equipment transport & Storage

--Portable power systems

Heavy duty jib with PVC track

DSLR Camera mount.

131122 0003
Meduim duty jib on steerable equipment cart with adjustable leveling feet


Light duty jib suitable for airplane travel

--Custom drawings to scale.

--3 Dimentional viewing

--Animated 3D fly-around

--Detailed schematic/wiring Diagrams



Marina Dunker
Underwater dunk tower project

Stairway between neighbors

18svs VidProdEdit-a1
Schematic for TV production studio

Gas Fire Pit Project

Quick assemble podium

Portable Voice Booth

Walls for TV set

Plant Stand2
Plant stand with recycling water

Scuba gear rinse station

DIY dry ice fog machine


--Rigging for lift or support.


--Safety is a high proioity.


--Frames are made of galvanized steel to last.

--Custom  fabrication for your specific needs.


--Custom made props


--Can incorporate electrical lighting and mechanical movement, too!




Marina Dunker Project. 3D CAD


Dunk Tower installed at low tide.

POPs crane

Hot-air balloon basket that lifts and flies actor away.
For POPs Wizard of Oz production.
Fire Pit Ad
Highlight your best assets
Kiji & the CritterCam
Shot with camera mount built by HMT
Higa River Park
Shot with HMT portable jib setup
Meada Point
Shot with HMT portable jib setup
Golden Puppies Ad
Shot with CritterCam by HMT
Kerama Is, Okinawa
Uderwater with HMT